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Angelo Moriondo-The Italian Inventor for Coffee Brewing Machine. Google Search Celebrated his Birth day as Doodle.

Coffee is a delicious drinking item globally. It is highly fascinated mainly cold weather country, mostly in Europe, Northern Asia & America Country. 

Though it was originated in Arabian Peninsula in 13th century and it was globally traded. During this period the traditional ways of brewing coffee was sipping the coffee grounds in hot water for five to six hours even upto 12 hours then it was served in the metal cup The popularity of coffee was grew by time from Arab Peninsula to Egypt. Turkey and Persia. Turkey is the first mechanized coffee brewing country. They used Ibrik method, the process in which sugar, coffee grounds and spices and water were mixed and heated until it was brown and then it was served. Coffee became gradually popular in Europe in the seventeen century when it was carried by the European traveler from Arab Peninsula. Soon it became very popular in European coffee shop

       In 1780 Mr. Bigin released first commercial coffee maker. Bigin pot had its tiny cloth filter which improved the quality of brewing but it was later upgraded by siphon pots,  coffee percolators and finally Espresso Machine.

What is Espresso Machine? and how does it function?

 The most notable machine for coffee brewing is Espresso Machine. This device water and pressurized steam are poured in coffee ground and sugar mixture and sometime milk is used. This is now widely used in cafeteria and big party gathering.

  This machine was invented in line the previous tools and machineries. This was patented by Angelo Moriondo, an Italian business man. He was born on 6th June in 1951 in an entrepreneur family. His father, Giacomo had a liquor manufacturing company.
Moriondo was experimented with merchandise of coffee mass supply. He invented this espresso brewing machine. He presented his invention in Turin general expo in the year 1884 and got a bronze medal and he was awarded six years patent though this machine was built by a mechanic named Martina under direct supervision of Angelo. 

                Angelo never made this product as bulk production, he was conservative to keep this machine as for just advertisement purpose. Later it was drastically circulated in every coffee shop in a modified appliances. For his innovative invention Google celebrated his 171th birthday anniversary as Google doodle. He left us on 31st May in the year 1914.
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